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Growing a company is much like becoming a champion sports team. You need a high performing team and a plan for the long term, the near term, and the now. The team follows a disciplined process to practice and play together to reach their goals. Winning teams have all these elements, plus they ensure that when they meet to practice and play, they face the brutal facts of their state and situation. Staying real and facing the truth ensures they to stay focused on the now and stay aligned to their future, allowing them to feel confident that they are making the necessary adjustments to reach their goals. Seems pretty obvious.



In business, we require all of the same elements to successfully grow a company. In high growth companies, no different than winning teams, they must keep a disciplined cadence of when they “practice and play” – its with their meetings!  In their meetings, they need to be clear and stay focused on the long(10+ year), near(3HAG), and now(1HAG and 90 day) plan. Many teams are successful in writing their plan down and in implementing the cadence of the meeting, but fail in utilizing the time together in a disciplined and efficient way. This puts these teams at risk of missing the most important issues – THE BRUTAL FACTS – that need to be addressed in order to move the team and the company forward.

“If the Brutal facts are not faced by leaders, the brutal reality sets in”- Andy Grove


In business, we “play” the game 98% of the time and “practice” 2% or less. In sport, it’s the exact opposite! When we “practice” or meet in business, we need to have a clear plan and a strong process. Here are the key steps to ensure the meeting cadence and meetings you have planned are the best “practice” for your team – talking about the right things  – focused, short, factual, game changing and aligned to your plan:


  1. Write down on paper or in Metronome Growth Systems(MGS), a known clear plan.
  2. All team members know what the plan is
  3. Established meeting rhythm in all calendars and best practice in MGS Meetings area.
  1. All team members prepare for the meetings they are invited to based on the Standing Agendas set.
  2. Known Standing Agendas for every meeting. (See Metronome Effect – Chapter 8 ).


My last point, standing agendas, means having the same agenda for every meeting of that type. This might sounds boring, but they are the exact opposite. They are exciting and dynamic!!  If all team members come prepared to speak to the BRUTAL FACTS the meeting will not be boring but instead, evolutional.  


The key tool as a CEO and a CEO Coach that I use today is the Meeting Area in Metronome Growth Systems platform. Not only does this platform ensure your plan is front and centre while in the meeting, but it ensures that your meeting cadence is established and logged. The agenda remains standing and all you have to focus on is the BRUTAL FACTS aligned to your plan to move your team and company to the success you want.  


 How do you and your teams approach meetings? What tricks and tips do you use to make the most out of your meetings?



 -Shannon Byrne Susko

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