New Zealand

With 20 years senior leadership experience in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Dubai and South Africa, Adrian has successfully led medium to large corporations through significant growth and change.  His areas of expertise include strategic thinking, execution planning, leadership development, project management, change management and cash management.

- Digital Technology
- Digital Marketing
- Digital Media
- Financial Services
- Building/Construction
- Education/Training/Development
- Engineering
- Health and Beauty
- Franchising


- Business strategy
- Digital Media
- Sales and Marketing
- Innovation


- Certified Scaling Up Coach
- 3HAG
- Outthinkers


- Launching a newspaper in Australia at the age of 26
- Running a multi million media business in Hong Kong for 5 years and
   then with hindsight, being on the wrong end of disruption in a media
   business in New Zealand.  
- Launching my coaching practice and the massive sense of fulfillment it

Adrian is a strategy and planning coach to entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior management teams in New Zealand.  He is a natural facilitator enabling teams to adopt and embrace change, challenges and goals.

His aim is to stretch teams to think beyond their comfort zones and to do this in a manner that results in teams embracing change and being motivated to achieve their objectives and goals.  He works with CEOs and their leadership teams to help them amplify their game-plan. He focusses on developing and implementing a business frame work – helping  leadership teams realise their company’s short to long term goals.

A 3HAG Coach, a certified Scaling Up Coach, and Outthinker Strategist, he is proficient in helping companies establish and implement strategic thinking and execution planning using the principles found in “The 3HAG Way’; ‘Scaling Up’ and ‘Outthink the Competition’.  With access to the extensive resources provided by these organisations, Adrian brings unparalleled educational material, tools, resources and intellectual property developed over decades by some of the best brains in the industry to help develop a personalized blue print for success.

Aside from his consulting work, is the vice-Chair of Northern Rovers Football Club.

Married with 3 teenage children, Adrian is an avid Liverpool FC fan and keeps fit by wing-foiling, mountain biking and surfing.