Indiana and Midwest, United States

Ashley Kline Walters is the founder of The Waltline Group, LLC where she is a consultant and guide for business owners and their leadership teams.  She is passionate about helping leaders and their teams hit their goals and grow their organizations.  She does this by partnering with them to align the right people around the right priority with the right processes to enable predictable growth.

- Crafting Strategies and Plans
- Execution Excellence and Best Practices
- Developing Alignment in Teams
- Leadership/Executive Coaching

- 3HAG
- Strategic Execution
- Tech and Manufacturing
- SaaS Based Business
- High-Performance Team Creation

- Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Purdue University
- Master’s in Business Administration from Western Governor’s University
- Project Management Professional via The Project Management Institute
- Metronome United 3HAG

- Turned around a SAAS company with a failing product
- Lead Multiple Digital Transformation Efforts for a Fortune 500 company

Ashley brings a unique skill set to the table with over a decade of tech experience and many years in manufacturing. She knows the problems leaders face with creating strategies and executing plans first hand and what it takes to make them succeed.  This background enabled her to rescue a struggling SAAS company and get them on the path to success.

Ashley has been responsible for creating teams and software products from the ground up for a Fortune 500 company in the manufacturing space.  She understands the dynamics of what it takes for a team to perform and believes organizational clarity combined with the right framework is the key to success.  Clients say, "Ashley is known for her ability to form relationships and create transparency."

Ashley holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems from Purdue University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Western Governor's University.   She lives in the Indianapolis, Indiana area with her husband and three children.