What is Metronomics?

At Metronomics, our purpose is to empower and inspire CEO+Leadership teams to achieve exceptional growth and success. 

We are deeply committed to making a meaningful impact on the businesses we work with, driven by our revolutionary business operating system that empowers CEO+ Leadership teams to consistently drive 30%+ growth year over year. 

The Metronomics business operating system is the combination of three components:

  1. Repeatable Playbook: 
    A structured, repeatable process that all team members follow. Our playbook is written and shared with you in our book, Metronomics.

  2. Open Playing Field: 
    A software platform where the whole team can know the score, hold each other accountable, and reinforce the habits required for growth.

  3. CEO+Leadership Team Coach: 
    A coach who is an expert at the repeatable process and who ensures the team has clarity and cohesion and is focused on the team result.
Team brainstorming with a whiteboard and sticky notes.

Metronomics is a prescriptive, practical, and proven system that can be used for any kind of company looking to achieve growth. It's the first framework that ties together all aspects of a business including people, cash, strategy, and execution. Metronomics provides the “how” to exceptional business growth, with a timeline.


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Hear a Metronomics story

Meet Alex, a CEO who has worked extremely hard to grow his company. However, lately, the tactics used in the past are resulting in slower growth. Alex is struggling. 

Then, he was introduced to Metronomics and a CEO+Leadership Team Coach. Watch now to find out what happens!