Montreal, Canada

Cléo is a passionate and dynamic business coach who relishes being engaged in the success of her fellow entrepreneurs. In addition to being a CEO coach since 2009, Cléo is an author, translator, publisher, speaker, train-the-trainer, 3HAG Certified Coach, and an authority on entrepreneurship in the French-speaking world.</p

- Executive Coaching
- Entrepreneurs
- Hyper Growth Companies
- Strategy & Execution

- Biotech, R&D, Science, Chem Building
- Construction
- Coaching and Business Consulting
- Computer, IT, Software Development
- Education, and Training Engineering
- Human Resources, Training
- Production and Operations

- 15 years experience as a business coach, after spending 10 years at Wyeth Pharma (now Pfizer)
- Founder of the French book publisher "Les Éditions Gazelles"
- Has translated numerous best-selling business books for top Authors in the industry

Cléo’s purpose is to accompany entrepreneurs on the path to hypergrowth through the implementation of best-in-class business practices from around the world. With her exceptional clarity of vision, contagious energy and enthusiasm, she is skilled at mobilizing teams and challenging individuals, allowing them to reach their full potential.

For the past 15 years, Cléo has impacted more than 500 entrepreneurs and influenced the accelerated growth of their companies. She has been awarded the rare distinction of Coach Emeritus by Gazelles International, as she trains upand-coming coaches to apply their craft. She is also the expert trainer at the School of Entrepreneurship of Beauce - Quebec, the Expert-Partner of the Chief Executive Officers’ Group of Quebec, a sponsor of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) and a mentor for the Canadian Entrepreneurship Foundation.

Above all, Cléo’s goal is to contribute to the creation of a vibrant entrepreneurial community within the Frenchspeaking world. She is forever renewing her service offerings, participating in summits worldwide, translating books, and keeping up with the latest best practices to remain the leading-edge expert on Hypergrowth.

Her HYPERGROWTH BOOT CAMPS remains sold-out events year after year, with a satisfaction score of 98% from more than 1000 participants in the past 10 years.