Canada, France, Mexico, Brazil.

Initially trained as an engineer, Juan worked in plant operations, engineering, project management of large industrial projects, and Director of business development. then assuming other functions; in his last position as VP of Corporate Marketing Services of a Swiss construction materials Group, he and his staff coached the leadership teams of the Group companies & affiliates worldwide in their marketing, strategy and sales.

Today, he coaches in English, French, Spanish & Brazilian Portuguese. (Mostly in Canada, but also France, Mexico, Brazil).

- Executive coaching/mentoring

- Strategy Development for Growth & Execution

- Development of Management Processes & Systems

- Process Systematization & Streamlining

- Sales Training

- Team Building


- Construction & construction materials

- Transportation & Logistics

- Private Education Institutions

- Retail

- Manufacturing

- Service organizations & franchisors


- Mechanical Engineering in Thermodynamics, Swiss Polytechnical Institute - Lausanne (EPFL)

- Management Program for Executives - University of Pittsburgh, PA

- Strategic Marketing, Harvard Business School -  Boston, MA

- Vice President of Corporate Marketing Services, Holcim Group Support, Switzerland / Canada.

- CEO, and President of Business Coaching Solutions.


My role as a coach is to guide / mentor YOU, the CEO/president and your Leadership team to think differently and find your own solutions to get the team and the organization aligned, driving down clarity, accountability, effective problem solving and decision making.

The result… getting you, the CEO / President, out of the day-to-day operations’ whirlwind and “firefighting”, to give you more time to focus on what you only, as the leader, can and should do: leading strategy thinking and its execution planning, as well as remaining in touch with the market, building relationships and tracking & act on the trends that will impact your company in the coming years. The goal: put your company on a sustainable growth path.

You can then implement more growth strategies bringing your people & the business to their full potential and have a predictable cash-flow view.

Trained originally as an engineer, my career included working in most functions in a Fortune 500 Int’l company where I culminated as VP Corporate Marketing Services for 17 years. There, with my team, we coached executives of small medium and large companies around the world (our affiliates).