Ā Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Founder of Markay Advisors LLC, Dr. Pamela Carrington Rotto leverages her collaborative coaching style and results-oriented approach to help CEOs and leadership teams "Live their Legacy" instead of setting it aside or leaving it behind. Pamela coaches Legacy-Conscious CEOs who are determined to move beyond misaligned teams, performance gaps, and stalled processes to scale their company and live their legacy each day.

  • Metronomics (3HAG) Certified Coach
  • Scaling Up Certified Coach
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Trainer
  • Protocols for Achieving Coaching Excellence (PACE) Certified
  • Innermetrix ADVanced Insights Certified
  • Emotional and Social Competencies 360 Inventory Certified

  • Strategic Planning and Execution Excellence
  • Process Optimization
  • Accelerated Mindful Leadership Growth
  • Employee Engagement and Team of Teams Effectiveness
  • Culture of Learning and Innovation / Your University Design
  • Change Management and Succession Planning

  • Ph.D. and MS University of Wisconsin-Madison (Licensed Psychologist)
  • Growth Institute
  • International Coaching Federation / NeuroLeadership Institute
  • Greatness U and Inspired Outcomes (NLP)
  • Sandler Sales Training
  • Advanced Education: 80+ hours of Business and Diversified Learning annually since 2013


Markay Advisors LLC offers breakthrough leadership solutions that empower CEOs and their teams to achieve sustainable growth by accelerating their business scalability, developing adaptable leaders, and fortifying their organizational resilience. We turn complex business profitability and behavioral challenges into practical solutions. We understand that in today’s dynamic business landscape, adaptable leaders are the driving force behind a company’s competitive advantage and scalable momentum.

Pamela brings over 25 years of expertise as a proven entrepreneur, executive leader, and business coach to CEOs and leadership teams in the private business and not-for-profit sectors. Her experiences across multiple industries have led to the creation of award-winning cultures, innovative cross-functional teaming, company universities, high-performing leaders, impactful and sustainable company growth, generational transitions, and freedom for business owners. 

Pamela coaches CEOs to achieve leadership breakthrough and legacy transformation by leveraging a strategic-execution growth framework, powered by the Metronomics and Scaling Up methodologies, and enhanced through accelerated leadership growth. She is recognized as a growth catalyst who empowers executive and key leaders to eliminate blind spots, access bold moves, and achieve their business and personal goals.

Markay Advisors LLC is happy to provide you with a free, 3 hour consultation to discuss any challenges you are experiencing in your business.