West Coast/North America

A versatile individual with over 30 years in the high-technology industry who has built and run multiple high-tech companies. Demonstrated ability to work with CEOs and their teams to develop effective strategies, develop high-performing teams, create a loyal and motivated organization that listens to customer needs, and delivers solutions that meet their goals.

- Strategic Planning
- Strategic Execution
- Leadership Development
- Exit Preparation

- Venture-backed Companies
- Starting and Growing Technology Companies
- Scaling-up and Crossing the Chasm
- Market Expansion

- B.Sc. Electrical Engineer from the University of Alberta
- Trained in strategy, finance, sales, marketing, negotiations, organizational development, mentoring, and coaching

- Co-founded two, and was CEO of five, technology companies
- Brought in by owners and investors to turn-around, scale and/or sell their companies
- Company director and advisor
- Global sales experience - hardware, software, SaaS and systems

After more than 30 years of senior leadership roles in the technology industry, Paulin recently made the transition from running companies to helping teams grow their companies. His most recent engagement was as CEO of iCompass Technologies, a SaaS company that delivers solutions that strengthen open and efficient government, and which resulted in a successful exit at the end of 2017. He has been an advisor and mentor to numerous technology companies.

Paulin has firsthand experience in building organizations, developing effective strategies, securing financing, developing market-leading products, establishing strategic alliances, marketing, and selling domestically and internationally. He has worked with boards and management teams to help them precisely execute critical corporate objectives and business strategies, create performance-centric cultures, and engaged, motivated teams, focused on driving results.

Paulin has also been an Entrepreneur in Residence at the British Columbia Innovation Council, where he established a province-wide mentor program. He was also actively involved with ACETECH in the development and delivery of growth, strategy, and market validation programs widely used by several technology accelerators. He resides with his wife, Lea, and their dog Huxley, on the west coast near Vancouver, BC.