Raleigh, NC and Mid-Atlantic USA

Steve is CPA who focuses on business strategic frameworks and tax idea development and also happen to be a certified business coach. Together with his team at Holden Moss CPAs, they develop strategies for business owners to get the focus they need to win at work and succeed at life.

- Certified Public Accountant
- Scaling Up | Rockefeller Habits certified coach
- Certified Tax Coach

- Accounting
- Profitability
- Medical professionals
- Coaching and consulting businesses
- Real estate
- Construction
- Veterinary
- Independent pharmacies
- Tax strategy

- Bachelors of Science in Business and Accounting from the University of
  North Carolina at Chapel Hill
- American Institute of CPAs Certificate of Educational Achievement in
  tax and business planning
- Certified Public Accountant
- Certified Tax Coach

- Managing partner for a five-office firm of Certified Public Accountants
- Appointed by Gov. Martin and served two terms and five years as
  President of the NC State Board of Accountancy
- Particular emphasis on leadership coaching and tax strategy for
  growing businesses

Business Strategy: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the recovering CPA Firm: Holden Moss Knott. Its 3-year mission: to explore exciting new ways of realizing on our client's unmet dreams. To seek out new ideas and new innovations. To boldly go where few CPAs have gone before!

You know something is wrong.
If you are like many of our clients, you are successful in so many ways. But something is missing. Something is in the way. You are not getting what you need, and you are frustrated.

We’ve been there too.
We understand. You want ideas to a better business. You want a relationship (someone who will regularly tell you what it all means). You want communication (regular, scheduled, proactive not just waiting for a call). You want a different approach. You want someone to help watch your back (and monitor what is going on). You want a partner to help chart a successful life both at work and outside of work. And you want to get rid of surprises.

An offer you cannot refuse.
If you are like most of our clients, you want to know the opportunities to make your business better. Our signature Strategic Assessment service answers that call and carries our risk-free guarantee. If you do not get 2X in value, pay what you think it’s worth or nothing. And that makes sense. The risk is on us to produce value for you. As it should be.

Unfortunately, 7 out of 10 startups fail as a result of premature scaling.  Let’s do it right, with the right framework and systems.  And Metronome | 3HAG is the right way.

If your business is not growing as fast or as smoothly as you want it to, we can help. We teach teams how to apply an internationally recognized framework, with proven tools, strategies and methodologies to help you overcome your obstacles. The Scaling Up / Rockefeller Habits / 3HAG are proven frameworks successfully used by thousands of high performing companies around the world on a daily basis.

We empower business owners and their teams to focus effectively on the right things, allowing them time to influence their communities and the world around them for good.

My passion as a CPA, and what I am best at:

  • Developing business strategies and tax ideas that work for business.
  • Business strategies and frameworks to scale up or turn around a business.
  • Strategic Assessments – more ideas and observations for a more profitable, valuable business.
  • Monitoring - someone to watch your back.
  • Tax Strategy - real ideas that save taxes.
  • No surprises – particularly 11th hour calls.
  • Plain talk, not tech jargon.

I love my wife Kim and our family of 3 sons, 1 daughter, 8 grandkids and 9 dogs ranging from yorkies to a bernadoodle. Nordic walking or Peloton. I love to read and research anything curious to me. I enjoy smoking brisket, Texas style, on a Cookshack smoker. We have a small wine collection and love food paired with wine, particularly a tasting menu. We are unabashedly red wine snobs. The beach. Movies. Great music. The purr of a powerful, turbocharged, gas engine (although I could envision electric, but...silent?).