Vancouver, Canada

Rob Tenniswood is a dynamic entrepreneur with a 14-year track record of founding and scaling innovative startups. His tenure in various C-Suite positions has equipped him with profound insights into the unique hurdles startup leadership teams encounter. This deep understanding forms the backbone of his current role as a Metronomics coach.

  • Entrepreneurs and growth-minded organizations
  • Building a cohesive leadership team
  • People and culture

  • Establishing strong company culture
  • Maintaining culture and spirit while scaling headcount
  • Complex problem solving
  • Preparing companies for funding rounds and planning for an eventual exit

  • BA from the University of Notre Dame, 2005
  • MBA from the University of Notre Dame, 2009
  • Postgraduate diploma in Entrepreneurship, University of Cambridge, 2015

  • Founder, 5 startups in various fields (biotech, fraud tech, film production)
  • Built biotech startup to 70 employees and launched a prostate cancer test in the US.

Rob’s journey with Metronomics began with a revelatory moment. He recognized its potential as a transformative tool for companies struggling to align their efforts with their objectives. In his role as a Metronomics coach, Rob is passionate about guiding other companies towards achieving goal alignment and fostering mutual accountability. His belief in Metronomics stems from its adaptability across businesses of all sizes. For startups, in particular, the discipline and structured approach Metronomics offers is crucial for fulfilling early-stage commitments that often dictate a company’s success or failure.

Drawing from his own experiences walking this path, Rob is not just a coach; he’s a mentor who has seen firsthand the effectiveness of the Metronomics system. He brings a blend of experience, empathy, and practical strategies to help startups navigate their journey, ensuring they don’t just survive but thrive in the competitive business landscape.

Rob lives in Vancouver with his wife Johanna and their 3 dogs.  When he isn’t focused on your business, you’ll find him walking the dogs, scuba diving, walking the dogs, gaming, and probably walking the dogs.