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As an athlete, I have had a lot of experience in physical training and growth. In order to be successful in any game or race, disciplined training is essential. Whether you are an Olympic runner, or a casual jogger, you are only going to get better and improve if you train. A big element of any training is creating the schedule or map with daily/weekly/monthly targets and goals. In business, this is what we call forecasting. We forecast goals as a way to track our companies progress. Makes sense, right?



What if you registered for a marathon, but only tracked the amount of days you ran, and not the distance or time? You would most likely not complete your marathon and end up injured and disappointed. Relating back to business, what if you made this same mistake by creating forecasting goals that didn’t align with your big end goal? 


As a CEO and leadership team coach, I see this all the time! I start working with companies that have a BHAG* and daily execution plans, but the two are not connected. This disconnect is usually a result of low confidence in predicting for their company. It’s scary to forecast months and months ahead because it holds you, as a CEO and leadership team, that much more accountable for the result! Your ego takes less of a hit if you don’t complete a marathon that you NEVER trained for, versus the idea of not completing one that you strategically trained for. Interestingly enough, we will spend more time training for a marathon than training for the most important “Business Olympic” event of our lives.



But what if I told you there is a solution – that my teams and I found a strategic execution system that builds confidence and allows you to efficiently reach your 10-30 year goal? Well, we have! It’s your 3HAG! Your 3 Year Highly Achievable Goal!


3HAG is the disciplined process of creating your strategy and forecasting it specifically to a 12-quarter milestone base and fiscal forecast that aligns and supports your BHAG*. This 36-month (12-quarter) forecasting is constantly rolling as months are passing. A key word to note here is “rolling“. Your 3HAG is evolving as months pass by to ensure you are still moving forward and confidently achieving your goals.


Just like training for a marathon, 3HAG is not easy. It takes hard work and commitment. But if you want to ACTUALLY reach your 1HAG, 3HAG and 10-30 year goals, you need to COMMIT to the disciplined hard work and training. That’s what being a CEO and a good leader is all about!


I have enjoyed the success of achieving 10-30 year goals and 3HAGs as a CEO. I have also helped a lot of teams develop and reach their BHAG*s, and 3HAGs as a CEO/leadership coach and I want to help a lot more!  The 3HAG provides you with the FOCUSFUN and FREEDOM you are dreaming about. That is why we are hosting an 11-part webinar series all about 3HAG. I will personally help you each step of the way in finding your 3HAG and will put you on the confident path to achieving it.  Think of it as a coached running club. We are here to support you and encourage your success with 3HAG.



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So are you ready to start training with me for long term success? Of course you are! Lets do this together. Our first session begins on Feb 6th 2018 at 9am PST.  This webinar is a supportive way to identify, roll out, and grow your 3 Year Highly Achievable Goal. You will be guided by me, Shannon Susko, every step of the way and be included in a network of fellow 3HAG’ers to share and develop with. As a special offer, we will be giving you the first session FREE if you register before Feb 1st! So dont wait too late!




-Shannon Susko

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