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A Year In The Life Of A 3HAG Leader

3hag coaching coaching leaders leaders create leaders leadership Oct 09, 2020
Jon Iveson

Written by Guest Blogger and Metronome United Associate Coach Jon Iveson.

It doesn’t matter whether you are 3HAG Leader or not, a year in your life as a leader will look mostly like the year in the life of other leaders.

However, there are several small, but vital, ways the year in the life of a 3HAG Leader will look different than the common leader in our fast changing and turbulent world! These small, but vital, differences will make all the difference in the results and career trajectory that 3HAG Leaders enjoy!

Let’s look at some of the commonalities amongst all leaders first…

  • All leaders will face uncertainty in the marketplace (this has been AMPLIFIED during the last 7 months).
  • All leaders will set their sights on performance and growth goals.
  • All leaders will deal with human beings and all their logic and emotions in getting their goals achieved through people.
  • All leaders will conduct meetings to attempt to communicate, inspire, direct, engage, and implement accountability.
  • All leaders will need to pivot, course correct, or adapt in executing a plan to achieve their performance and growth goals.
  • All leaders will need to deal with disappointment regarding goals and people around them.

And so on, and so on, and so on…

The above list could contain a few dozen items describing the commonalities amongst leaders, but I do NOT want to lose your attention in all that detail.

It is more important that I bring your attention to the life of a 3HAG Leader and how that will be different in producing more impactful results and building habits for a sustainably successful career trajectory.

Let’s look at how 3HAG Leaders will differentiate themselves, their teams and their companies for sustainable success…

  • 3HAG Leaders will engage other key leaders and managers in their company to “Gut Out” their 3-year Highly Achievable Goal as they launch into the new year (cycle).
  • 3HAG Leaders will OWN their culture (Core Purpose, Core Values, and BHAG) by not only defining it but by keeping it alive and accounted for through action and communication.
  • 3HAG Leaders will rid the culture of harmful and potentially harmful viruses (focusing on both fit AND performance with their people).
  • 3HAG Leaders will focus more on cultivating team performance and cohesiveness (chess) through valuable team meetings and compounding returns rather than simply driving individual performance (checkers) through one-on-one meetings.
  • 3HAG Leaders will lead through systems (strategic, execution, and cash) rather than one-off projects, initiatives, communications, and meetings.

Embracing the 3HAG Way can bring you greater confidence and energy to you in role as a leader, significant reward to you in your role today and vast opportunity for a promising career trajectory as a leader or business owner.


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