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This week I am on my way to Toronto, traveling with my husband and 3 teenagers, to attend Canada’s Top 100 Women on Thursday November 22, 2018. I am honored, humbled, and inspired to be amongst my fellow  strong and powerful women that make up such an impressive group. 


Just to be nominated as a Top 100 for 2018 is something I was extremely proud of, but once I received notice that I was being included   I felt so happy to have the opportunity to join the alumni of 1004 women from past years. Happy and very overwhelmed!

I always think about what further impact can we make into growing and evolving people, and being recognized is a reminder of how important that mindset is to maintain! As a business leader, and a citizen of this amazing country, I know my actions in both business and life affect others and has an impact on them. It is up to me to ensure that impact is positive and beneficial.


 I was nominated and selected in the Category of RBC Champions – which is a category recognizing the impact a person has made on growing and impacting opportunities for women in Canada.  For this I am very humbled and proud of my commitment to this.  To be quite frank, I actually wish there was not need for this category at all! But I guess that it’s existence is why it has been worth the effort to support women on their growth journey as we continue to impact the culture in Canada and around the world. I hope that my continued support for female leaders, my personal story, and my learning opportunities help bridge the gap in opportunities for all.  


This year is the 15 year of celebrating Top 100 women in Canada.  Congratulations to WXN for spearheading such an important event that I am so honored to be a part of. Congratulations to all!


 -Shannon Byrne Susko

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