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Cohesive & Human System Tools: DISC+Values

disc humansystem teambuilding Jul 21, 2022

We all speak our own unique language – we may use the same spoken words, but the words mean different things, our body language means different things, our emotions, motivations, etc. are all unique to us. However, we interpret everyone else’s language through our own filters, our own perceptions, and as a result we misinterpret their intent. This often leads to misunderstanding, conflict, and eventually lack of trust.

The Cohesive System is all about alignment of the Executive Leadership Team, and their ability to overcome the 5-Dysfunctions. When working through the 5-Dysfunctions with clients, our coaches have found that using the Innermetrix DISC+Values tools help the clients understand each other more deeply, how to talk with each other, and how to better support each other.

But, don’t stop there – we follow-up with the clients going deeper by sharing their strengths and weaknesses, how they as a team will help each spend more time in their strengths and how they will help make their weaknesses irrelevant. These coaching tools are great for reiterating the growth of the team.

And, don’t stop there! The Human System is all about talent. These tools help the leaders of the organization lead and to motivate their teams, to plan for personal and professional development, succession planning, and for hiring the right talent for the organization. Once trained in the tools, the coach becomes a strong guiding force through these 2 systems fostering greater client engagement. Many of our coaches partner with their clients and have members of the client organization trained in the tools – this allows the coach to provide the tools, yet without taking too much of their valuable time.

- By Jerry Fons

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