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The Top 7 Reasons You Need To Implement Scorecards By Metronome For Your Team

kffm leadership teams Mar 17, 2021

Every member of your team should own a functional scorecard.

Just like a football, soccer, or hockey team, every team member owns a position.

Every team member understands what is expected of them on the field or on the ice and they understand the common goal of the team and how to contribute by playing their position.

The Metronome Scorecard was built from Brad Smart's Topgrading Scorecard.

We leveraged Brad Smart's Topgrading methodology in hiring A-Players 9 out of 10 times in all my businesses. In my first business, we used Brad’s methodology including creating a scorecard for every position we would hire for. Over time we built up an A-Player team as expected. Over that time, we realized with clarity how important it was to ensure each and every team member had a good understanding of what was expected of them. The Topgrading Scorecard could be more than 25 pages long. Not very efficient and practical to use every day by our team, it but served us well to hire A-Players.

Over time we paired down this scorecard to include:

  • Purpose of the functional role
  • 3 - 5 key accountabilities for the role
  • 5 - 8 key competencies for the functional role
  • 1 - 3 metrics that would measure success in this role focusing on the widgets
  • Duties that this position owned and controlled
  • Team's core values   

The Metronome Scorecard was powered up by Topgrading’s original scorecard, then streamlined in order to leverage the scorecard’s efficiently and to effectively coach, keep, and grow A-Players on our team every day.

The Metronome Scorecard is the foundation of the Metronome’s Human System that exists in Metronome’s Compound Growth System

The Scorecard is also tied tightly to the Key Function Flow Map (KFFM) that is the foundation of everything in your business.

A Scorecard exists not only to attract A-Players, but to keep A-Players on your team and to coach them to ensure they grow each and every day, week, month, quarter and year within your organization. A Scorecard provides clarity for the team member that owns that functional role in your organization while also creating clarity for all other members on the team. Scorecards should be visible to all as they provide a clear understanding of what each role is accountable for in relation to the team and how their contribution will be measured to the team's goals.

Here are seven reasons why creating a Metronome Scorecard for each and every functional role that exists in your organization will be the most important thing you do this year:

  1. Attracts A-Players candidates and repels B and C player candidates every time.

  2. Ensures that nine out of ten times that you use the scorecard with the Topgrading hiring methodology you will hire an A-Player.

  3. Makes onboarding new candidates easier with more clarity of expectations.

  4. Provides the owner of the scorecard and the rest of the team clarity of expectations of what and how this role will contribute to the common team goal.

  5. A-Players want to be measured specifically in their role each and every day, week, month, quarter and year. They are attracted to clear measurements for success of their functional role.

  6. Makes it easier to coach each and every team member with clarity of expectations within their role and the competencies that are required to be successful.

  7. Scorecards provide a great way to clarify functional roles and design your organization for today and the future.

Metronome Scorecards are the backbone of the Key Function Flow Map (KFFM) found in 3HAG WAY.

The KFFM is how an organization simply works together as a team to make money. Each function in the KFFM has a corresponding scorecard that provides clarity on how these functions work together to achieve the common team goal. The KFFM is the company’s scoreboard and the Scorecard provides the clarity for each team member as to how to “win” the game.

At Metronome United Bootcamp, CEO+LEADERSHIP Roundtables, and our CEO+LEADERSHIP team Coaching clients - we ensure all teams have a Key Function Flow Map and Scorecards as the basis of their growth, their plan, and a great cohesive culturally strong team to achieve their common goals – to consistently win - year over year . We hope you can join us at our upcoming CEO+LEADERSHIP team Bootcamp to get started to activate your company’s growth.


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