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Get To Know The Soft-Edge Systems in METRONOMICS

3hag metronomics systems Jul 16, 2021

The TEAM side of your business.

What are soft-edge systems?

METRONOMICS is one united system to grow up your team, company, and life. It’s a system that has been developing, evolving, and utilized for 20+ years by Shannon Susko and her teams and 80+ coaches worldwide.

In METRONOMICS, one of the key components is the repeatable, structured system is called the Compound Growth System. The Compound Growth System was developed by Shannon and her teams through two companies and then perfected in her coaching system with clients and other certified coaches who use it today.

The Compound Growth System comprises 7 systems.

These 7 systems exist in every business, whether the team is aware of them or not:

  1. Cultural
  2. Cohesive
  3. Human
  4. Strategy
  5. Execution
  6. Cash
  7. Coach Cascade

The first half of these systems are TEAM-oriented, and the second half are BUSINESS-oriented.

In this blog, we are going to be focused on TEAM-oriented systems, also known as soft-edge systems in METRONOMICS.

Who are the soft-edge systems?

Cultural System

Like its name, the purpose of this system is to ensure there is a clear, known culture in the company. This creates the team’s strong belief in the Core Purpose, team behavioral values, and the long-term 10- to 30-year goal (BHAG) for the organization.

The cultural system is the necessary foundation of all high-performing teams.

This system has become something that isn’t written down on paper, pasted on the wall, or something static to be kept in a manual.

It’s something that pulses in the organization every day, starting with the CEO’s consistent behavior.

Cohesive System

The Cohesive System was developed so that every day the team could progress and develop further into a highly cohesive team. This system was created knowing that the everyday behaviour of the team members drives the level of cohesiveness of the team.

This is a practical system that is highly interconnected with the Cultural System (and all the systems) to ensure the team cohesiveness progresses and evolves every day in an organization, not just at an offsite two days per year, which, unfortunately, is the case for a lot of companies.

All winning teams are highly cohesive and are committed and connected to the team results.  

Human System

It’s just that: Human.

The purpose of this system is to ensure that each and every team member is supported with the same repeatable process, from recruiting to hiring, to training and onboarding, to clarity of their functional roles, what is expected of them everyday, to coaching, feedback, and opportunity for growth and rewards.

The Human System is founded upon A-Players who want to be coached and have the opportunity to grow. (A-Players ooze the company’s Core Values and consistently exceed performance expectations; they’re attracted to being measured and held accountable for the functional scorecared they volunteered to own on behalf of the team in the company.)

This system is highly dependent on the Cultural System (and all the other systems), as all team members must behave according to the Core Values most of the time, ensuring the culture remains strong.

The Human System ensures that all the functional roles the team requires to win are consistently filled with A-Players.

Coach Cascade System

The Coach Cascade System is the key to taking human behaviour to the next level of high cohesiveness, beyond normalized into a high-performing team.

This system is equally as important as the other soft-edge systems in METRONOMICS, but this system doesn’t get turned on until the first 3 soft-edge systems are in place, working and balanced with the rest of the systems in METRONOMICS.

When this system is turned on, the true compounding effect of the METRONOMICS system is experienced.

Why are soft-edge systems important?

The stronger these soft-edge systems are, the easier it is to take a complex strategy and make it simple and clear so that all team members understand the plan and know what to do every day.

Without the Human System giving clarity of expectations to each and every team member, connected to the company goals, you will lose team members.

Without the Cohesive System, creating a consistent cohesive team, you will lose team members.

Without the Cultural System, the foundation, the team will not reach its true potential and quite possibly come to a halt or fall apart, and you will lose team members.

These 4 systems are present in every company. These systems work intensively together and provide a clear and solid structure for all teams to achieve their goals. It’s up to the leaders to be aware of them and to have the discipline to implement, evolve, and grow them.

Because when you grow up your team, your company grows with ease, speed, and confidence.

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