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Why You Should Care About METRONOMICS

3hag books metronomics Jun 21, 2021

“It fills the gaps.”

What is METRONOMICS (and where did it come from)?

METRONOMICS is one united system. It’s a system that has been developing, evolving, and improving for 20+ years by Shannon Susko and her teams.

When Shannon first started as a CEO, she was reading business books at an astronomical rate. (And still does today.) She read books from the most respected and renowned business thought leaders, attended their conferences and workshops, and digested as much content as possible in hopes of bettering her company’s strategies.

 The books consumed were all contenders for that ‘silver bullet’ that would take her company to the next level.

 But, she never found it.

 It was unbelievable. With all the thought leaders, all the successful businesses, all the thought leaders WITH successful businesses, no one had taken the time to write down their system and HOW to use it.

 A blueprint was so needed. And it was out there… right?


Instead, all the great pieces that were out there were just that, pieces.
The pieces were siloed frameworks or tools on specific areas of business such as culture, hiring, strategy, planning, finance, and (most importantly) cohesive teams.

Every problem Shannon was looking to fix was out there, but none came as a package. These were one-and-done tools that only gave one perspective at a time, it was not a connected, sustainable system.

What Shannon and her teams needed was a system that was prescriptive, a manual on how to implement a “winning” system. She needed a practical system that was solid and sound. And she needed a progressive system, a system that would grow with her and her team and would be applicable at any stage of her company.

Through all these needs, struggles, and disconnected pieces and through all the ashes rose METRONOMICS.

METRONOMICS is a prescriptive, practical, and progressive system that can be used for any kind of company of any size, focuses on the balance of business and team, and coaches you to win your business’ Olympics every single time.

METRONOMICS is one united system. It’s a system that has been developing, evolving, and improving for 20+ years by Shannon Susko and her teams.

Why does METRONOMICS work?

As mentioned above, this system was not created through theory and wild-ass-guesses. It was created and evolved and scrapped and recreated and altered again.

But it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t quick.

This system was created through testing resulting in fails and wins. And wins. And wins.

Over time, Shannon and her teams started to see the results and wins of having one united system that builds the bridge between the business and team.

There was less stress and more free time for the entire team.

The team finally had a connected system to drive measurable team results. The business was growing, quarter after quarter, year after year.

Growth. Speed. Ease. Confidence.

METRONOMICS is a PROVEN system. The proof is in the success of Shannon’s companies while using this system.

The proof is in the success of the client’s companies who use this system through the help of our coaches.

The proof is all around you.

How can I get started with METRONOMICS?

Regardless of your industry, your size, your region, or what language you speak, METRONOMICS can meet you where you are as a company and grow WITH you and your leadership team.

METRONOMICS is one united system. It is a system you can implement with speed, ease, and confidence and start building the company you have always dreamed of.

When you get your copy of METRONOMICS you are getting access to the best-kept business secret that will set you free as a CEO and leader.

And we’re here to help when you need us. When you have questions, want a further explanation, or want a CEO+Leadership coach, we will be here when you need us.

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