Accredited advisor and coach to mid-market ($10m plus) CEOs and their leadership teams, Keith has over 30 years’ experience in business management. He is founder and owner of consultancy firm Millarinc offering leaders a pathway to free themselves of business complexity, increase their profitability and achieve real growth.

Keith’s approach takes the guesswork out of business strategy, creates effective connections with clients and keeps them on track and accountable with their goals.

How does he do this? With one approach: Using the proven, repeatable Metronome 3HAG Compound Growth system. He has his clients:

Learn it. Coach it. Change with it.

- Leadership & management
- Strategy & scaling up
- Communication
- Sales Management
- Team Performance
- Professional Services
- Thought leadership & presentation

- Transformational leaders
- 3HAG strategy development
- Manageable growth
- Team development

- Bachelor of Commerce (RMIT)
- Diploma of Marketing (Monash)

- Building two companies with successful exit strategy
- Founding/building ongoing CEO roundtable
- Chairman of White Millar, Cook and Canvin
- Coach and advisor to multiple number of Australian companies

“If you don’t have an evolving growth strategy, then you and your team are just driving around the block. You may be doing well, but you’re not going anywhere.” – Shannon Byrne Susko, 3HAG Way

Keith Millar is an Australian business leader coach and advisor, trained in the 3HAG methodology for scaling up of businesses. Most CEOs know what they must do to grow their companies, but few know how. This approach provides a framework for confidently predicting revenue, profits, and cash three years ahead. Very few businesses can claim to have this.

Keith’s passion for his client’s success rests on the lessons he has learned in founding and growing his own businesses.

Keith’s first business was While Millar Cooke and Canvin (WMCC), a national PR firm servicing blue-chip clients like CUB, National Bank, and the Mining Council of Australia. Since then, he has spent his career building leadership and management teams, championing his clients’ success and setting them up with clear pathways for growth. Keith has also spent over 20 years running his own CEO roundtable, which attracts an ongoing waitlist and helps leaders across manufacturing, farming equipment, logistics, construction and professional services.

Keith’s approach:
Keith lives and breathes by the handshake. His consultancy understands how needs and relationships can change, and so embeds flexibility in client relationships.

His initial approach involves understanding your needs and aspirations but also asks three important questions:

1. Do you want to make your future bigger than your past?
2. Are you dedicated to change?
3. Do you think you’re coachable?

Keith is often approached by leaders who have previous experience with advisors and business coaches. What sets him apart is his dedication to keeping his clients on track so they don’t get lost on their new approach to growth.